Checkout the New Announcement by Microsoft and Google

New Announcement by Microsoft and Google – Microsoft and Google are all set to flaunt their new upcoming features to amaze the users. The benefits provided by these two reputed names are countless and many more are on the way to add more spice of profit in the routine life of business as well as the individual.

New Announcement by Microsoft and Google

Microsoft your Phone

Sounds strange? Yes, well this is a new announcement by Microsoft it is launching the new application which can actually sync the Android and iPhone with widown10. With the help of this application, you are free to view your phone’s notification from your computer or laptop, send texts, access the picture gallery.

A time-saving application is all the way to provide comfort to the users. This new announcement by Microsoft and Google is more convenient to operate the mobile phone in your laptop you are working rather than pulling out the mobile from your pocket at every notification.


The new timeline update will amaze you. The new timeline on Microsoft saves the applications you run on your laptop or PC and will keep track of what you do on the apps. You can view the history and get back to the work where you ended last.

Also, you if you are using the same app on your phone and laptop, you can access your mobile’s app on the laptop and start working on the laptop. For further queries, is the finest option to grab.

Google’s Artifical Intelligence

Google announced a new artificial intelligence-driven aspect which is called as suggested action. Gmail is coming up with the new feature – smart compose. It works to suggest the phrases similar to the auto functioning keyboard where words are suggested itself.

An amazed and new announcement by Microsoft and Google for the future comfort till yet. If your business is run with the tools and apps, then it’s a good news for you as there is much more to come which is significant and contributes much to your business.

Advanced Google Map

Advanced Google map is also the new announcement by Microsoft and Google which is coming on its way with the most advanced features where you will see all the location by your camera. Also, this will help you to find the specific location.

Also, nearby restaurants and places will pop out in the camera with the name in front of the building. There is also a cartoon feature designed to show you the path towards your destination.

This will be fun and more convenient to reach the destination with the virtual partner. Furthermore, realistic look to the map is planned to offer so that people feel no hassle while using it.

On-Demand Files

As committed before, Microsoft is working on being more Mac-friendly and stood on their promises. The one drive and On-demand file feature is all the way that a Mac person can take advantage of. Ability to access the file from the cloud in the finder is enabled without bothering the storage space. Mac users are free to sync the files in finder and can download when needed.

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