, office Setup Product Key, - Microsoft products are always praised by users due to the fact that they are one of a kind. The Microsoft productivity suite which is also known as Microsoft Office is one of the most popular products of office. The MS word, MS Excel, and Powerpoint has become a daily need for many students and professionals. Microsoft Office understands the demand of the products very well and delivers the best with their upgraded products.There are many versions and standalone application available to purchase from the store. The most recent product of the Microsoft is Office 365, Office 2016, Office 2013, and Office 2010. They have a special range of office products for the Mac users as well; Office 2008, Office 2011, and Office 2016 for

Prerequisites for Office Installation

At present, you can purchase an Office product from the retails store and get it from the online store as well. For, you can also call an Office Support technician in case of an issue with the product. Before purchasing the Microsoft Office product, you must consider a few things and then get the desired product.
  • You will need a high-speed and stable internet connection for the Office download, installation, and activation.
  • Furthermore, you must check and update your device according to the system requirement for Office product.
  • Remove or uninstall any security application or antivirus from the device before Office installation.
  • Also, make sure your device is free from any hardware and software damage.
When you purchase a Microsoft Office product, you also get a product key along with it. This product is very important and you are advised to never share the product key with anyone. You will be required enter this product key to activate the Office setup product key

Methods to Download Microsoft Office

There are various method to purchase the Office subscription. But the most basic methods to install office are generally divided into two types that is Offline Method and Online Method. Both of these processes are discussed below.

Download Office Online:

  • Launch a web browser of your choice and visit
  • Sign in to your Microsoft Office Account by entering your login credentials.
  • If you are a new Microsoft Office user then you need to create a new Office Account.
  • When prompted, enter the product of your Office in the given column.
  • After checking the status of your product key, the Microsoft will present you will a download button to get an office.
  • Click on this download button and an automatic download will start on the browser.
  • You have successfully downloaded the Office on your computer.

Download Office Offline:

  • When using the CD to get Office, you do not need to download the office.
  • Once you insert the CD in the correct driver, the system will look for the correct format and installation will start automatically.
If you are facing any issues then feel free to contact the Office Support. The is continued in the part with the installation setup

Steps to Install Microsoft Office

A user can install Microsoft Office on different operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Android. Simply follow these steps and complete the installation of the product.

For Windows:

  • Navigate to the .exe files of the Microsoft Office Setup or and double-click on them.
  • The Microsoft Office installer will appear on your computer.
  • Agree to the term and conditions of the Microsoft Office and continue with the installation.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Once the installation is finished, restart the computer.
  • After that, you will be able to use the Office on your Windows computer with all its features.

For Mac:

  • Search for the Microsoft Office setup files or on your computer and double-click on them to run it.
  • Enter the Mac username and password to continue.
  • Once the installer starts, continue to the term and condition.
  • After that, you simply need to follow the on-screen instruction and to finish the installation.
  • Restart the Mac once the installation is finished.

Activation for Microsoft Office Products -

So far the activation steps are the easiest to perform for the Office product.
  • After the completion of the installation, you can move to the activation of the product.
  • Launch any of the Microsoft Office application such as Word or Excel.
  • A pop-up will appear asking for the activation of the Office product.
  • Then follow the instructions of the Microsoft Office and complete the Activation.

Facing Issues with Already Installed MS Office?

If you're getting some error with the office product that you have in your device then you may need the help of a technician. But before reaching out to a technician, you can try some troubleshooting steps on your own to fix the issues.We are listing some troubleshooting tips to resolve all the common Office error. Also, these steps are safe and anyone can try without causing any damage to their device and data.
  • Restart the computer. If the error persists then restart it 2 more times.
  • Check whether the internet is working properly. Because some features of Office needs an internet connection to work.
  • Remove or uninstall the Antivirus or security application. There is a possibility that the antivirus is causing an error with the performance of the office.
  • Check whether there is an update available for the Office. If yes, then install it on your device.
  • And lastly, you can Uninstall the Microsoft Office and Reinstall it onto your computer.
  • To reinstall the office, you need to follow the installation steps all over again.

Contact the Office Support -

If none of the troubleshooting steps work for you to remove the Microsoft Office error. Then the assistance of a technician is a must to remove the problem.The Microsoft Office offers 24/7 support that you can access by placing a call or chatting with the technician. Furthermore, if you are facing issues while installing and activating the office, contact office support. Moreover, any issues with the office product key can also be resolved by simply placing a call at the toll-free number for office support. Do not risk your subscription and data associated with it and call Office Support now.